Metal Forming Henryk Woźniak

Our plant is directed mainly towards forming by non-metallurgical methods of cold or warm (semi-hot) forming of goods from metal sheets, rods and profiles and towards cold bonding of aluminium with copper.

Our offer is as follows:

  • Research,
  • Implementations,
  • Designing of technological processes,
  • Designing of instrumentation structures,
  • Opinions on the innovation of project, e.g. of the EU projects,
  • Expertise and consultations,
  • Identification of reasons of good faults,
  • Experimental and medium series production of the cut, bent, formed, extruded, upset, forced, bonded Al-Cu, etc.,
  • Execution of instruments and tools,
  • Modernisation and restoration of instruments and tools,
  • Assessment of the technical condition of machines and equipment,
  • Modernisation and automation of machines and equipment for plastic forming,
  • Plastic forming of metals,
  • Designing of plastic forming processes,
  • Trainings in the production plants.