We offer:

  • Research in relation to forming goods from sheets in the following operations: cutting, forming with rigid and elastic tools, e.g. hydro-mechanical upsetting, bending, forming of profile and bore edges
  • Research in term of volume machining, first of all, extruding, upsetting, drawing, forcing, etc.
  • Designing of technological processes and instrumentation in the above mentioned scope
  • Production of goods formed on the mechanical (250T, 63T, 25T, 12T)  and hydraulic (63T) presses and on the automatic press with a jaw feeder (30T)
  • Tool manufacturing: moulds and dies for extruding, cutting, forming
  • Diagnostics, reviews and repairs of machines and equipment: presses, feeds
  • Developing expertise, assessment of machinery and equipment
  • Technical consulting
  • Instruments for plastic forming
  • Cold forming
  • Cold extrusion
  • Cold sheet forming